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RSB InfoSecout

Why Us

The world of information technology continues to move at a fast pace. What once felt secure is now under threat by structural system vulnerabilities, the constant release of new patches and the ever evolving creativity and skills of would-be attackers.

As exposure points increase, your business becomes more accessible to consumers and to business partners. An attacker needs to find just one weakness in your system security and they’re in. It’s a tough world in which to stay protected.

We provide the defence that businesses need through the following:

  • By frequent assessments of system vulnerabilities, which identify, quantify and rank your system’s vulnerabilities
  • Simulating malicious attacks and evaluating system security.
  • By developing a secure architecture design review, optimising your system and minimising exposure points.

Total Security

Maintain confidentiality and robust data security.

Penetration Testing

Defend your online sites against cyber attacks.

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify and address the gaps in your online security..

Secure System Design

Ensure business continuity in the event of an attack.


RSB Infosec

RSB Infosec is a dynamic and responsive online security provider. Through security mapping and threat assessment we build watertight data networks and shield your data from external online attacks. Swift, reliable and agile; we keep up with the world of online security to provide continuous protection for your business.

Our Priorities

How We Do It

We gather as much information abut your business and your systems as possible before we begin, using our specialist tools and through the opensource intelligence


Above all else, we aim to preserve the integrity of your data. That means it is robust and completely confidential.


We know that even a minute’s downtime for a business system can cause damage to customer relationships and potentially long-term difficulties.


We don’t believe you should spend more on protecting your systems than you would if you were subject to a system attack.

RSB InfoSec

Trusted Advisors in Information Security

  • RSB InfoSec is niche information security consultancy, operating in the UK, across EMEA and Asia-Pac
  • We develop trusted advisor relationships with our clients in the public and private sectors, also assisting them in meeting data protection regulatory requirements such as GDPR
  • We have experience working to the highest standards across various sectors, such as financial institutions, retail and telecom

Consulting Services

  • Strategy and Architrcture
  • Deployment Roadmap
  • Solution Design

Managed Services

  • Process fine-tuning/optimisation
  • Managed services and Operations
  • Production Support (L2 and L3)

Professional Services

  • Identity and Access Governance
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Privileges Access Management

Contact Us

2nd Floor 10-12 Bourlet Close
London, England
Room 301, Reliance Center, Woodvale Groove, Westlands, Kenya

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